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22 July 2013

The track is sounding gr8..  cannot wait for you to hear it... x  

5 July 2013

Sorry I have left the site for so long its been a tough year been in and out of hospital.  But I've bounced back and on a mission - moved to a pretty little house.  I have a new cat Tink who was left outside my house in a box - she was so tiny. Bless her, now she is a complete madam...just like her mum LOL..

Really excited about the new tracks, I think we have a hit on our hands.  I'm in the studio tomorrow .

So wish me luck!!!

Will be back on tomorrow to let you know how it went.. lots of love Tinkerbell x

3 October 2012

Hi everyone, I am very sorry only just got better... Went to Seattle and was treated like a queen, it was wonderful! They took me to a resturant called, Mmm, I think, the Needle.
Tina x

21 March 2012

Hey guys, sorry it has been so long - not been a well bunny.  A new track is already recorded, so the girl is back.  Hope you're all well!!!
Tina x

14 August 2010

Hi all! I know I have been a nightmare, but just been working my socks off to give you a good album and hope I have done you proud! So happy to bring out new material and some great new versions of the other songs. There is one that I love so much!!!!!!!!! Lost my little baby cat Biscuit recently, I miss him so much. He was my little baby and I loved him with all my heart....... t |X

21 March 2010

Hi chaps. I am recording with Sanchez and a few others.  I am very excited and am  writing so much more this time.  I am doing a charity event in Southend near where I live for some kids who's dad died.  I want to help as much as I can.  The poor things, cannot begin to know how they must feel - this really touched a nerve. T x.

16 March 2010

Hello all. It has been a long time. There is so much in the pipeline. I've been recording with Stedman Pearson (from Five Star) who has just been signed by Universal. We are doing a track together after I met him and his management. I am also recording with an Aussie producer, so I will be heading off to OZ and I cannot wait. I've been missing my OZ fix.

My little cat got run over- the poor little thing. It has been a tough few month but I got my tinkerbell head back and I am gonna kick some butt this year.

Hope you guys are still with me. A kiss to all of you for the lovely messages you send - you make me smile!!

Love as always.. tink! X

31 March 2009

Hi guys!!

Getting things together - this is going to be a mad year!

"Hymn" has been released in Germany through the Ministry of Sound Label.

"Can't Hold Back" is coming out in the USA.  check out the the Bellatrax site for more details.

I am so excited about this new single coming out.  I have new management and am going to need them as the diary is getting so full..Yippy!!

Also getting my life back together after a tough few months.  I feel like Tina again and thats a good feeling.  Thanks for always being so sweet with the messages of encouragement.  You helped me get thro a very hard time.  But now its time for less of the rubbish and lets get going with this new chapter.  Its going to be so good and so happy that we are going for the UK as well this time!!!  :)

Your topcat, Tina XXX

7 March 2009

Sorry to all for being so distant, have had the hardest time of my life.  But life goes on.

Music wise this year is so wonderful with so many gigs and new tracks already recorded!!!!

Love to all...your forever!! Topcat...Tina xxx

 3 November 2008

Hello all......just had the most amazing time, meeting up with Mark and Karl again.  You are gonna be as happy as me when you hear the track!!! I really think this is another big one...

Also 2 other projects about to take flight!!! USA is going great!!!

Had a tough time, but as always - I can handle it.  I will always be little Tina..

Thanks guys and girls!!

Talk tommorrow...


 2 October 2008


I would like to say hi to everyone and sorry for it being so long...but my life has changed so much.   I am in Finland, yes Finland!

I will tell more in the next entry!!

So much is happening.  Going to be releasing "Can't Hold Back" in the States (fingers crossed) and gigging in Finland, Holland, Spain, UK, Australia, where I am going to be shooting the video for the next single.  Hopefully just before christmas.  So I am hoping to gig there at the same time.  "Everlong" is still my fave for the first single, even with the odd bad vibe from some.  I really do think its a winner and this time I am going with my gut!!

I had a mail from my US manager saying  "Let's Go With This" as it is being played by top DJ' very excited..

I miss home so much.  All the things I have left behind and the people I hurt.  At times, I feel so lonely and its hard for me.  I am so used to being in control.  I am a tough woman, but inside I am just tinkerbell (thats what my mum used to call me as a child.)  You all know that I care about the things you say.  They always bring a smile to my face...and that means the world to lets kick some serious butt!!!

Your Topcat...

Tina xxx

19 June 2008




Hi all...
Hope that life is going great for all of you.....I am very happy at the moment. Things are looking great for the new release. I've just been in Finland recording and having a great time with some wonderful people.
I am thinking more about the video and how great it is gonna look!! I feel really content at the moment and I want to enjoy every moment of this year! Gigs are looking great...and to the guy who asked if I am doing Glasgow, yep Bennets on the 17th of August!!!
Will update .. take care .... Your topcat


6 June 2008




Well today was great apart from getting lost on the way to Carls. I can't tell you how great it felt to see them. It is like time stood still - it doesn't feel that it was that long ago when we were at PWL. (insider info I cannot talk about). I don't know why but I was nervous..(Daft cow).
Well the good news is that we are going to work on another track and maybe more. They own "Love Comes Back" which is awesome!
The guys feel we could really do something speical. We are all older and wiser and its nice that we are free this time to do what we want. Carl and Mark are such talented writers. I am so chuffed to be working with them again. At the end of the day, they gave me my first hit and lots more ......
If they read this.. Mark, sort your barnnet out!!! Carl, your little ones are so sweet...
Talk soon folks...
Your topcat....t x



3 June 2008




Well hello again....I just want to say again, thanks guys. .You have cheered me up by all the comments you have made. It can be a lonely place when you have to do it by yourself and although it sounds so glam, night after night going back to an empty hotel room can be a bit rubbish! That aside I still love what I do, it is a passion that will never go away!!! I am meeting up with Top/Twig this Friday...very excited!!! They are great guys! Been in the gym and lost 10 pounds so bingo wings are on there way out!!! Been in my garden and it looks great. I can smell the sea and the birds are singing, its a beautiful day! t x


2 June 2008


Back Again...


Thank you..... to all of you for being so sweet. I know this will sound stupid, but it does help, more than I could say. I know you guys have always been there for me. Sorry but I am a very emotional person and in this music world - 'that ain't great'!
Spoke to Carl today (Twiggy) and really looking forward to seeing him and Mark again ..its been a long time!
Just finished writing a track to record in Finland with Super 8 / I am hoping to fly out soon to do that if I can!!
Again I have the video idea for Everlong and it rocks. I also had a message from David of the Foo Fighters on my e-mail and he said he is happy about the version... so rock!!
I am gonna have fun this year...and I want you to have fun too...


31 May 2008


Been a While


One...just want to say sorry for not updating the Diary page..I now have lost my managment,so Ihave to do everythig myself! Aldo just to put the record straight, I do care. I was quite hurt by some ov the comments in the forum...believe me the reason everyone tours now is because thats the way you make money with all the downloading that goes on.

I dont mean to sound rude but I try my best in a very difficult business and I fund everything myself. I feel disheartend. I do this because I love it with all my heart and not for being famous, Things have been put back a little but it will all still happen,been. I am talking with Topham and Twigg and guess who owns "Love Comes Back"??



8 March 2008


Hi all…not really sure what day it is..been a bit manic!!!
Also been very sick…don’t now how I did the gig last night, but the voice came from somewhere!! The crowds have been wondeful and the reaction to the new single is amazing!!!!!! The Mars Bar, was as always, Brilliant..the crowd screamed so loud that I had to hold playing the next track.
As always in OZ, I have been met by nothing but lovely people, I am a very lucky girly!!
This year feels so right…I am almost afraid to say it..
Have a new thing up my sleeve that is gonna get everyone very excited…even I am!
All my love fron OZ… Topcat! xxx


3 March 2008


IN OZ………

Hello peeps!!!! Having a busy but great time in Oz! The new track is going off, like mental!!!!!! Iam so happy. Wanda, we will be in touch hunny!!!c Cannot wait to see the girls!! and hubby!
This year is so exciting,for some reason it looks like being the best year for a long time. I have so much that I wish I could tell you …Everlong…is a hit!!! I Know it!!!!


16 February 2008



Feeling a tiny bit better, have not been able to do much as I haver been really sick. Have a gig tonight so keeping my fingers crossed! Not a lot of jumping up and down tonight!! Ha!Ha!

Gigs are going great though and I'm recording two new songs when I get back next week!!!

Hope all is well …lots of love, Top cat!!!


12 February 2008


In Oz!!!


Well back again.. performed the new single for the first time and they went nuts!!!!! Really chuffed!! Also gonna be performimg the 2nd single anyone that was at D & D ball and the Mars bar - Thanks for making me feel so welcome! It feels good to be doing what I love so much. I am a lucky bunny!!

2008 is gonna be wonderful..Have amazing stuff going on the new album and gonna release a DVD as well as new mixes of the older hits and and some really great dance and ballad stuff to come...

I am so excited,...yippy for 2008!!

All my love... Topcat xxx


07 February 2008


Hey all!!!!!!!!!


In the lounge at Singapore airport,feeling like someone has sucked all the water out of my body,even tho I have drank so much that I slosh as I walk!


Gonna be performing the possible new single for the first time - always a bit nervous about that! But fingers crossed..hope 2008 is going great for all ov you,I am really happy this year is shapeing up brilliantly!!!


21 December 2007


News flash....

New single rercorded......out in march!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that '2008' is BRILLIANT'........


All my love

TC xxx


17 September 2007


Hi chaps......I know it has been a long time, but I have not been a well bunny, backwards and forwards to the hospital for tests etc. Hope all of you are o.k and life is good!!!!
Gonna be in recording next single,just have not been well enough to do it yet!
But itching to spill the beans, some great things coming up...
Tina xxx




19 July 2007


Hello.....I know it has been a while. Things have been busy on the gig front - Finland, Wales, Dublin - off to Madrid on Saturday. I will update the gig section with all the details tomorrow!

So, how are the gang?

Working on a new single and the release of ... drum roll please ... a release with new mixes of all the Killing Time album,and a few new mixes from Mastermind,and maybe even videos to go with it!! So that's why I have been silent!

My little baby Biscuite has not been a well bunny..(Boo,Hoo!) but she is on the mend now,thankfuly!




5 June 2007

Just got back


Hi guys and gals!! How are you?

Just had a little trip to Tunisia ..and was being me! I was getting withdrawls from the singing so I could not resist asking the guy playing piano in the resturant if I could do a couple of numbers. To be honest, without sounding nasty, it was like watching Margerita Pracatain sing - (the thing is I must have been the only English person there,- all the people were German and French,) The only English track he knew was..."My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion,.the one from Titanic. Well I could not help myself and blasted out the song,and loved every minute of it!!

The great thing was that I had a standing ovation.and a few free drinks!! He!he!

It was great to meet up with the guys at Reflex and as always the crowd were great!!

Have stuff coming up in wales and in Dublin (Gay Pride)

TC xxx


14 May 2007

Monday morning!!


Hello guys and gals!!

Hope life is going great for you all,

Things are looking great for me at the moment - the last gig in Finland was Wonderful!! I had no idea where I was going as it was booked at the last minite, but was pleasantly surprised when it was the closing night of a ski slope. I had my own ski lodge over looking the slopes (with sauna) HE,HE!! The crowd were even there.

The next gig is again in Finland. During the day for sound check, I met some wonderful people - Mikko and his partner who run a jet skiing safari shared lots of wonderful wine with me. As always in Finland. I was treated like a queen. I am one very lucky lady!!

I met Rob or (Roope as the fins would say.) He used to look after me when I was at EMI. It was really great to catch up with him and we laughed at all the antics we got up to and he said he would do all he could to help me. He loved the new tracks (Wonderful Life and Curious) and said either one would be huge!!! The next gig is this Friday at the NRJ In The Park Sarkanniemi. I am so looking forward to singing my heart out to 40,000 people!! YEEEEEEEEEha!!!

On another note, the car broke down (needs a new engine), the kettle broke, the fridge broke (by me, whoops!!), TV broke - so thank heaven for the gigs! Oh well new bits and no shoes!!!

By the way I have never told you much about my family, but whenever I go wobbly I can always go see my little mum (and believe me she is tiny!!!) and my dad (equally as tiny,well maybe a bit bigger!), my brother Lee..(who amazingly is 6ft 2in,and yes a stud muffin!!..leave alone boys - remember..I am BiG sis!!) and Mark ( he has a wonderful girl and a new home and though we dont talk much,I know he cares as much for me as I do him.) They always do everything they can to help me and there are moments I dont know what I would have done without them. Sorry just had a moment. - we all have them, when we realize how lucky we really are..........!



20 April 2007

Its my birthday!!!


Having a great day chaps!
Sorry I haven't been as good with my diary entres..
And Hannes sorry babe..I have had alot to deal with,but I could kick myself for not letting you know! The good thing is I have found a wonderful Finnish agent so looks like I am gonna be coming over quite a bit!!!! I will do my best to get a shot with"private Line"...promise!
I am there tommorrow for an NRJ gig at Tahko Plaza,Tahovuori...and lots more!
All I can say is they treated me like a Queen, great people great food..and I hit it off with the first club manager ,who came to the second Gig,and let me say it went off!!!!! Big time!
At the next gig, the manager brought me into this amazing VIP area just for me and asked if would you like Champaign? so what do you think I said, "Yeah baby!!" I had such a great time and it made me feel like a Star. I had forgotten how many songs had been hits in Finland and it brought back soom really wonderful memories!
The guy who is meeting me tomorrow does all the main events for NRJ Radio (and for anyone who does not know they are a big station that has always been good to me.) The funny thing is he used to be with EMI and that was who I was signed to in Finland. He always looked after me when I did gigs or TV ect!!! So it should be good,he was a funny guy!
Well the thing is,as much as I am a happy bunny, I am suffering a bit. On the last gig in Finland,I got my heal trapped on the stage and fell onto the monitor and broke 3 ribs. Tthe girl still carries on. I laid there and finished the song. Strangely, I got the best applause for that one <HEHEH> Hurts though now.

Anyways, its all looking good. The release of Sash's stuff again willl help alots with gigs and money from sales. Who knows maybe a pair of Gucci Shoes awaits!!! A girls gottta have shoes!!!!
From your friend.......topcat!


20 February 2007

At mum and dads!!

Yippee!!! The Billboard chart is great!!!!!


It has been a while, hope you are all ok. Been busy doing interviews for Oz, even Kyle of Jacki O and Kyle was sweet to me! He said I was his favourite international artist and for Ozzy's version of Simon Cowell that was pretty good!


The song, Curious, is out on Saturday and can be downloaded from the Central Station website. As far as I know that classes as a sale, unlike HMV or Sanity,shame!! Oh well. Really chuffed at the stuff happening in US - it is number in lots of stations all over!!


I will be back in OZ before I have time to click my heals 3 times.....!




24 December 2006

Christmas Eve!!

Well it has been a while!!! But things always slow down towards Christmas! Hope all of you have a happy holiday whether you celebrate Xmas or not! I have finished the Xmas shopping, even Biscuit has a pressie.


Things are looking good for the new year! The '4 Strings' album comes out end of January and there are 2 tracks 'Diamonds' and 'Curious" that I cowrote on there. Curious is gonna be the next single,and is up for release around Febuary in the USA. Just waiting to hear about OZ and the UK!! Feeling happy and cannot wait to get started!! I will update you on everything,fingers crossed!!


I sang at a school for gifted children last week and it was a bit tough as I have had a terrible chesty cough,but managed OK! I sang Ella Fitzgerald's track "Bewitched" which is not an easy song to sing and its 7 minutes long. I was really worried about remembering all the words,so I wrote a little reminder up my arm and people thought I had a tattoo!! I got to wear a ball gown though and diamonds - .that was the best bit! Anyway I am of to wrap the pressies!! Take care...............

Tina xxx


24 October 2006


Well talk about make yourself look stupid!
Anyone heard of "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" ..??
Well let's just say I am the mad fool who gets the Wotzit ripped out of them in the who is Tina!!!
The new guy that does it is a w****er.
When I arrived, the guys working on the programme were a dream - really sweet and one of the guy's boyfriends from OZ had brought his CD's for signing..bless him!
In the line up I had a giggling fit, I just could not stop laughing,but this soon went when the guy on the panel from Busted said,after seeing my video for "Mysterious Times," "God, if she was 23 there, she looks really good considering she is OLD!!!" CHEEKY MONKEY!
Well me being me I had to say something,and did! Mmmm.
Then the guy who does the show now (meaning not Mark Lemar) played the video again and said "Tina is touring up and down the country,mostly in Birmingham." Well again, I looked over and live on telly said "You are gonna get it later in the Green room!"
Oh well, I set myself up for that one, but and a big BUT!! I had great fun with Paul Young, Charlie (production), Emma and the other guys. Strangely though, the Busted guy kept his distance. I wonder why that was!! He He! ...check out the pictures!!


5 September 2006


Hello!!! It has been a while..

I hope I have'nt lost you all!!!

Lots been happening! My little baby Biscuite is OK...Thank GoD!! And I can now walk ok!

Stockholm pride was amazing - they went nuts!! The guys who looked after me were great, we partyid afterwards!

Just got back form Holland and recorded a new track for The 4 Strings.called "Curious" and it rocks!!!

I was sad that Steve the Croc guy died. I really thought he made kids look a bit at animals and realise how important they are. Someone has just told me that the ballad version of "Wonderful Life" was played on the tribute to him on Ozzy Tv, as they showed pictures of him and his family. Hard to say how that makes me feel, I cannot say proud, as that does not seem right.

I am just about to mow the lawn and have just baked some apple pie. I know it sounds silly but comfort food is sometimes a good thing, although its a minute in the mouth and a lifetime on the hips!!!

I hope you wondeful people are O.K..... all my love as always...your topcat..TCxxx



24 July 2006

Monday nite

Well, sitting here a little red from the sun!!

In need og a cuddle, but aren't we all!

Looking forward to Stockholm Pride, I think it will go off!!

Also the 4 Strings track is sounding great!!! And I mean GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Still hobbeling about from my foot, and the worst thing is that my baby Biscuit (my cat) is on a drip at the vets with liver problems. If I lost him I dont know what I would do. He has been my little friend for 14 years and I would be lost without the love that he gives me!!

Sounds silly but he is not like other cats. He cries to be picked up and always sleeps lying next to me with his paws around me or touching my face. He is such a baby! I really hope he is ok.

Just a little message to Wanda and all the family. I really hope you guys are ok. I feel a bit silly talking about a cat when I cannot imagine how hard it is for you, but I wish you all well!

Your topcat Tina..Xxx


10 July 2006

Monday morning

Well hello people!!
I know its a bit quiet on here at the moment, but not for long!
My foot is still bad - I have to hop around and it is driving me mad! The worst bit is not being able to wear my heels!!!
I am such a girl!
I have great news to come and you are gonna love me for this one... trust me!!
Not gonna give up. OZ was a disapointment but that was not the tracks fault just bad distribution!
Hope you are all happy with the signed CD's.... Vic the pleasure is all mine, and I am so chuffed that you are fighting back. It takes courage, but you will do it babe, in your own time...... so sweet that you are spreading the word topcat. It brings a smile to my face!!
Wanda, how are you hunny?...and dad and the girls?
I could'nt believe how much they had grown up. Dad, you are gonna need to keep an eye out!!!
The 4 Strings track is sounding great!! It was called Jewel before as an instrumental and we have just added my vocal and tweeked it a bit! It has already been played on Radio 1 and so many others (as an instrumental) so lets hope they like it as the new vocal version!
In fact ,I am listerning to it as I type. Here comes the build!!!!
Yehaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diamonds are forever!! Forever!!
Sorry about that, just got caught up in the moment!


18 June 2006

Sunday nite

Well the girl is back!!

What a manic time. The best bit was meeting the ones from the site.. Hello again to all ov you...and thank you just for being there to help me along.

In the end considering the complete c**k did alright, but it is soul destroying when it so easily would have at least (as I know) gone top 20 ...and in the end top 10!!

Oh well...on to the next one!! ! I have recorded 2 new tracks, 1 with the guy (Eddi) that did "All You Need is Love" and one with (Glen) who played guiter for Anthony Callea. He played me this track called MORE and all I can say is the hairs on my arms stood up on end - both have now been recorded and I am excited to see how they turn out!

The gigs where amazing, the crowds went nuts!!!! It made me feel alive and it gave me back the reason why I put myself through everything I do - because I love it so much!!

That will never change!!!!!

Your TOPCAT!!!

Tina XXX


29 May 2006

Monday morning

Totally lost my voice, so I am really lucky that I have today off!
The gigs are going so well! T he crowd in Perth screamed for a good 2 minutes after Pray. I had to wait to start the next track, they were so wonderful!
It was really good to meet Scott, thankyou for the chat and lets go forward with what we chatted about!
Kerry Anne was brilliant and so nice to be with a band!
I am recording another 2 tracks while I am here - so I am quite excited!!
Will keep you posted!!!
Love to you all!
your topcat....Tina x


21 May 2006


Well I am here!! I haven't slept for 2 days and have a gig today so I just drank 5 strong cups of coffee and am trying to stay awake!
I share your frustration with the amount of stock in the shops...that one is a long story!
Anyways I am gonna work my butt off and pray that all is o.k, hoping to get a gig in Sydney. I was supposed to be at the Home nightclub for an event but it fell through at the last minute. I'm on it. Things always happen when I am here!
Kerry Anne is gonna be great - I have a band with me!!!
Really looking forward to performing "All You Need is Love"
It will go off and all I can say is that "The Mars Bar " needs a great pat on the back. They have really pushed the gig and I cannot wait!!
In Melbourne, about to check in my hotel and gonna go to the gym and have a swim as my feet have swollen on the flight and I look like the Hobbit!
Just saw friends Dean and Deb to pick up a CD and had a coffee(again)...
Take care, Tina.....


18 May 2006

Thursday nite!!!

Packing for the trip tommorrow! Excited and nervous all at once,as when I land I get the chart position!

The only difficult thing is how many pairs of shoes can I fit in my bag!!

Had the hair done, been to the gym, and having a run through with the tracks. This will be the first time I will sing "All You Need is Love" - really excited about belting that one out!

I have 2 kids shows tommorrow, so I go straight to the airport from the gig. Let just say I will sleep like a baby on the plane!

I will keep updating stuff when in OZ. Until then, thank you for everything you all do for me,all the ups and downs...and I hope I do you proud!!! All my Love..Xxx


11 May 2006


Just got in from the' 2 Smart' gig !!! Had great fun today, it always helps when you work with great people!!! Sea Fm in OZ ie; Age and Renne (The list) that goes to 42 stations have just taken the track and another 9 stations - its all getting better!!!! I-tunes does not count towards the Aria chart, but it has its own chart that radio looks at. This week it was only 200 sales o be number 1, so it would be really good to get high in that also!! The cost is. $1. I have 3 days of interviews this week with radio etc so that will help. I will keep updating to let you all know what is happening! Your topcat!!! Tina Xxx


9 May 2006


Feeling better today. Just had some good news - "Pretty Young Thing' has just been taken by Sea FM - That's Renne and Age on THE LIST and that means 42 stations!!!! I am trying to pull it around with the help of Anthony. We are gonna go all out!!! The thing is because a few have been released it means people will buy it and I get a crap debut ie the sales do count this please hold of and buy from the 13th onwards!! I know you all are being so wonderful I just hope your girl doesn't let you down!

Big Big X Topcat!!!


6 May 2006


Just got in from a nightmare situation at a gig!and when I read what had happened because of a serious screw up. I just sat here and cried...Everything was going so well for the release date 13th! We had a really good crack at a top debut. That would have meant that any radio would have had to play it!! I am a tough old boot but moments like this make me wanna give up! Sorry just having a really crap day! Will find a way to sort it somehow...

Tina Xxx


28 April 2006

Friday nite

Ok been watching you guys!!!!

No..1 The Cd sleeve ....the lettering is in silver so you dont see that on screen

No..2 I have a really big promo that starts this Saturday on Video Hits which means it gets played alot and has a 2min advert - both Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks!!

No.3 These are the things that are gonna happen. TB is looking great. Radio is up and coming. We have had the worst time because we have had 3 short weeks and OZ radio hasn't even been adding the songs that have already charted top 20..!! Let alone top 10!!

My little bit of fairy dust....

All You Need is Love is gonna help! Dont worry!!

The girl is back and fighting fit!

You are all so great. You give me that little boost when I need it. Thanks!!!

This will happen. There are so many things you dont see that I do everyday! With great help from Anthony my Manager in OZ, he is a diamond in the rough!!!! With a heart of gold!! Who I owe alot to as well is Sil my manager at home. Let's just say I am lucky!!

I will let you all know what is happening..In the next week there is gonna be alot. This is just the tip of the ice...

Your T ...................x


21 April 2006

Friday morning!

Whooooeee!! What a week! I am so tired. To be honest, I just had a quite night in with a DVD and a bottle of wine - I just didn't have the energy to go out. I watched KING KONG - I know its sad. Well, I did cry at the end and I think being tired helped that a bit tho!

Thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes!!!

I think this next little Jem is sounding BRILLIANT! I am so excited to hear the finished track.

Have a day off today and I need it. Gonna have a loungy day then hit the gym!

All looking good with the PYTstuff. Don't forget we have had 2 short weeks so radio will be a bit better next week - should get a few more adds. Nova Sydney is the one we need. They have played it a few times, but I think are waiting to see how it airs - so being the wonderful bunch that you are go for it!!! Again thank to all of you for cheering up my day! Tina Xxx


17 April 2006

Monday.. !

Well, the sad Tina is gone and the mean lean fighting machine is BACK for good!
All of us have a moment of weakness, that's mine out the way!
Flying to Rotterdam tommorrow at 7am - Yuk! - to record a new track and then Wednesday to Hamburgethen fly home that night and up the next for two shows on the "2 Smart" tour. It happens to be on my birthday the 20th and I just know they are gonna do something for a laugh...
Cannot wait for you all to hear "All U Need Is Love" - I really like the track it make me feel good!
I hope all you lovely people have had way too much chocolate and the Easter bunny has been good. I also hope that you had a great Passover and enjoyed a wonderful Seder with your family. Even if you dont celebrate the holidays, I hope that you have had a great weekend!!!
Your Topcat!!.....Tina X


12 April 2006

Wednesday nite!!

Hi!!! Been a little while but had alot to deal with in the last week or so..

How are you all?

Had a really tough week,I wish I could tell how hard it is from going from a great bit of news to something that wipes it out!

A word of advice to anyone that wants to go into the music biss....Only do it if you love it with every bone in your body, because it is tough out there. Ttrust me I know!!!!

I read messages and almost sit here in tears,I get goose bumps when I sing...and to think that someone else gets that too... is more than I could ever dream off. I love you all for the things you are trying so hard to do for me...and sorry if I sound too much... but a girl gets a bit sad sometimes!!

I am trying so hard....

I will be more upbeat, don't worry!

But just thought I would share the hard times with the ones that are good! And give you all a little peace of my heart!!

Your topcat!! Tina......................x


7 April 2006

Friday nite!!

Well just been to the gym and sorry but sitting in front of the PC with a gin and tonic! I think I am allowed after 2 hours hard graft!

Things in the U.S are getting better by the minute..about to do a few more tracks..very exciting!

Right ladies and gents...I am not sure but any single even if it is bought from OZ HMV etc...meaning if you buy it from there sit from abroad does not class as a chart. I know it is a complete (####). I will check but that means if you pay with a credit card that is not Oz it dosent class as a sale chart wise!! Do they want to make my life any harder!

Do not worry I will make sure you all get looked after, I still have so many things up my sleeve that I cannot tell you about,but fighting like a trouper to continue to do what I love with every beat ov my heart! If only people knew it is not a bed of roses... Tina Xxx


5 April 2006

Wednesday nite!!

Whooooo!! You have no idea how long I have wanted to tell you about CD2. Its for the dance fans with suff that has not come out yet,and "All U Need is Love" - a brand new track, where lets just say I get to belt my heart out more than any other. Its hands in the air and I love it!! I hope you is gonna be a massive hit!!

The thing that slighty changes the balance is that .as of the 6th of April they will include downloads as a chart. This will make it harder but dont worry I am on the case to see what I can do.

Thank you so much to all of you we are like the A team! You help me get through all the hard times and I truly love you for it!

P.S Glad you liked my baby Biscute!!! He says hi! Topcat....if only!



2 April 2006


Check out my cat in the pictures bit!! Arrhh he is so cute!! T X


30 March 2006

This is where it gets exciting!

Keep your eye on the page, in the next few days we will be putting the artwork for the single on the site..I am so excited!!

I have had a really tough week.. tears the whole deal but coming out the other side, I am a tough old boot! You lot always cheer me up with the things you say! There is a nice little suprise for you.......... Cannot wait!!!!!!!!

Your topcat,....Tina X


20 March 2006

Monday Morning

Just a quick message to Wanda. Even with all the nightmare that was Swansea, I still got your girl the poster with Eden on it! Over and out for now your Topcat!!


17 March 2006

Friday Morning

Feeling really tired after all the traveling.. But onwards and upwards!


I am doing a thing for a local school,the head teacher has a a day to say well done to over 20 schools and all there pupils,it was a big event day,and he asked me if I would'nt mind coming along and talking to the kids and singing a couple of numbers. I was happy to oblige,we tell kids all the time how bad are and never stop to praise them on the good things they do!

I have never been the academic type and would have loved someone to concentrate on what I was really good at. What a wonderful man to have as a teacher!!


Well there was quite a large stage it looked like an awards ceremony layout, went on and said "right this is where we forget everything teacher has told you, everybody stand up and you can all make as much noise as you want" well it didn't take much they all stood up and when asked screamed there little hearts out! It was great fun and they all ran to front of stage and jumped up and down,like mad!!


What a rewarding afternoon...TinaX



16 March 2006

Thursday Morning

Got in last night at about 2am and had to get up at 6.30 this morning as I have a rehearsal for the "2 Smart 4 Drugs" kids tour I am co-presenting.. and it 6 hours away..all the lovely travel back..and just made it for 1pm. Had a great laugh, this is the 7th year on this tour,I must be doing something right!
Home sweet home!! Some Fish and chips and a bottle of red wine later and its Goodnight for me...
Tina xxx


15 March 2006

Just thought I would let you know about how my week went. I had a gig tonight but my tour manager was sick,so I went on my own. Had to get one over land train for 1 hour, then 12 stops on the tube, then 3 hours on another over land train! Finally got to Swansea and booked into hotel and then made my way to the venue for sound check (I always do this,you always know when an artist mimes because they dont do one) Back at hotel and went to the bar for a quick drink before heading for the resturant! In the bar little crowds of balding men sat looking at me and I thought this was a bit weird! When a lady came up to me and 'said are you on your own love, do you want me to introduce you to a few?".


On this I asked the bar staff what was giong on,and they told me they had a SINGLES NIGHT!!! You have never seen anyone move so fast!!! Felt a bit strange sitting eating on my own but I am a big girl I can look after myself (although I love to be looked after).


Back in the room,thought I will just get 20 mins sleep(big mistake) I wake to banging on the door it is 12pm!!!!!I am on stage in 30 mins!!! ARHhhhhhha!! panic!!! Got ready in 20 mins ran to club went straight on just in time at 12.30... Tina...X



7 March 2006

Tuesday Morning

Up doing what I always do at about 8am, sorting out tour stuff, contracts, times, dates, etc!

Just had a look at your comments on the merchandise idea and burst out laughing - you guys are funny!

But I am always listerning to what you have to say,as for the TV shows in oz, I have been on Kerry Anne and Berts show (no longer on,) Dancing with the Stars booked me last year and then I flew all the way to Oz and was told Channel Ten had cut the air time, from 1hr and a half to an hour so they dropped all the acts!!! Hopefuly the will have a twang of guilt and book me this year! With Wonderful Life I had a far bit of TV, so I am not too worried that we wont again!

Hugs to you all.....Tina



6 March 2006


Just thought I would let you know that I am looking into doing some Tina merchandise. Let me know your thoughts! TC :)


3 March 2006

Friday Night

Hi guys !!! Just want to put something straight. Although the album will be available to buy, we only pressed some to stop it from being bought on import. We will re-release after the next single in the UK with all the promo with it!! So dont panic when it dosent chart! Tina XX


28 February 2006

Tuesday Morning

Been keeping an eye on the site and Wanda I will try and pinch one of those posters with Eden's name on! And yes people, I dont really like "Touch Me" either, it was the first time I had ever been in a studio and I was nervous as heck!! TC


27 February 2006


That's it, I am hooked. I have been on MySpace now for 3 hours - AHhhha!! It's great andI am blown away by the comments, you have to check it out! The amount of American Dj's that love my stuff is Wonderful!! They comment on my legs (which always makes a girl feel good). I am listening to the final mixes for PYT and the little secret up my sleeve and have been dancing round my kitchen doing ironing, yes even I have to do it. YuK! Ahh well. Gyming it tonight to keep those pins in shape.. Oh and the look out for the hair comment, lets just say I felt like a mermaid! Ta Ta!! Topcat X


23 February 2006

Thursday Night!!

We just got in from a five hour drive, really tired but really excited. I know I keep saying it, but 2006 is gonna be Brill!!!
I had a meeting with my manager Sil and got to meet Stuart who is joint manager in America and his lovely wife. We had a great chat and I learned alot about what is happening over there and also could not be more happy with Stuart who is on the ball. We had a really nice evening over a Thai meal.
Oh I forgot, in between that I did a vocal on a new track (another project up my sleeve).Ha Ha!!
It is really building over there in the states. I am going to be more active on the MySpace page. Wannda, even I need help with all this pc stuff!!! You're not the only one babe!
Oh Movingtime. I am sorry, I always answer when I can..more on it later..
James, thank you so much !!!!!!!!!! XXX
I have just heard the track listing for the single and let me just say your TINA has been listening and cannot wait until you see it!!!!
Even I was impressed!!
Nite all................
Topcat :)


16 February 2006


Hello everyone!! Hope things are as good for you as they are for me at the moment. I had some amazing news today but have to keep it under wraps!
James, thankyou so much - everything looks great I am a happy bunny!
The video is coming soon - hope you like it, wait till you see my hair!!
Off to the gym yet again. Spent an hour on the cross trainer yesterday, so my bum is a bit sore today - but as they say "no pain no gain."
Oh and get on Rob Mills site and put the record straight for me!!
Thanks tina...X


14 February 2006

Valentines day......

Happy valentines day to everyone and a big kiss from me....... Hope you are all being spoilt rotten!! TC


10 February 2006


Whooooo!!!! What a mad visit to OZ that [email protected] The Melborne Pride event was amazing. The crowd went nuts and 3 encores later I did a signing and thanks to everyone who took the time to come and chat - I was bold over!!! Went on to do a karaoke (I know you are not shocked by that one) with Millsy (Rob Mills) - sweet guy! He slightly had the upper hand when we sung a Grease Medley (he starred in it) cheeky monkey!!!! Great fun that night!!!!!


Then went to Sydney to for a first listen to the new dance track I amd doing with Eddi and you know what it ROCKS!!!! Really excited!! I will keep you up to date with that one..


Then on to the video shoot on the Gold cost - think "Pretty Young Thing," beach and me and you have it... very Bruce Webber.


But the best bit was that I invited Wanda and her family to the shoot as a little thank you for all the support they have given me. Girls, see you at school and dad & Shayne, thank you so much, you really are a lovely family and thank you for the card and the photos. You have been so sweet. I looked at them on the plane home and they cheered me up (I always feel sad when I leave.) Can you beleive it, as I got on the plane, Mr Anthony Callea came on....

Anyway, back home now sitting all on my own, looking out to sea from my front room with a gin and tonic and you know what??? Life is great, I would even say I have a ""Wonderful life"" Ha! Ha! Take care people.... Topcat!!



1 February 2006

Singapore airport.....Tuesday/Wednesday, not sure anymore...

Having a nightmare at the airport - missed my conecting flght, so have to wait 12 hours for the next flight AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am now going mad, there is only so much shopping a girl can do!!
But the lovely head of flights has just brought me a coffee on the promise that he gets a signed CD. The airline was over booked by 12 but i sqeezed on...thank God!
See, you think it is all so galm but I have not slept now in 2 days feeling really nacked!!! But still a glimer of excitement and I am sure a bit of sun will cheer me up!
Just spoke to Anthony (my manager) and he is drowning his sorrows with Anthony Callea's manager Wendy....



24 January 2006

Ok we need a drum roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"PRETTY YOUNG THING" is gonna be the next single!!

You have no idea how much I have driven myself mad trying to make up my mind, Mastermind will be next!! I just think the time is right for this one,you will hear a new edit of the track and some killer dance mixes. The promotion starting for the OZ release will be better! Also dont worry I dont go down without a fight (as you know), the UK is not over - new single on the horizon!!

Other than that I am doing everything I can to make this year everything I would love it to be. Please keep being the wonderful group of people that you are, a girl needs all the help she can get!!! As always...X TC



20 January 2006

Just thought this would make you laugh, a picture from xmas day at my mum's falt. As you can see, they gave me the largest wine glass ever - but dont be shocked (I have no makeup on.) If you look to the right on the full picture, you can see I was really drinking a cup of tea! Oh and yes, my Dad does have the first ever release framed on the wall (Killing Time) with a little plaque saying "Well done from Mum and Dad! "Ahhhhh how sweet is that! TCX




16 January 2006

Monday Morning!!!

Don't you always hate Monday mornings?? I do...

Had a good weekend tho. I have just been really bad and scoffed a bacon sandwich (with the tommy ketchup). I know its bad but I just could'nt help myself!!
Anyway, just got 3 remixes in for Mastermined and you know what - they are really good. It sounds amazing as a dance track and I love it. Got some great ideas for the video, watch this space.
Love to all of you.....tinaxxx
Oh and the Guy that spotted me shopping, I knew you had by the look on your sweet!



14 January 2006

Saturday nite..

Just been shopping with my mum. She is so sweet and we always have a good laugh. Unlike me, she is tiddly after one tia maria and coke (how sweet!) Lost a few inches, so I bought the sexiest jeans that you've ever seen - it means all the hours in the gym are paying off!!
Just to let you all know, Iam happy that I get to do what I love (most people dont have that...) and last time things went great for me. I never transformed into this mega bitch like so many of them do, in my head I will always be TINA from essex!!
Lol XXX Topcat.....



10 January 2006

Hey guys. I didn't sleep last night thinking about everything, so I'm feeling a bit wacked today! Been looking at all the things you say about tracks etc.. If I could re-release "Come to Me" I would, but once you have gone to radio with a track and it doesn't hit, they will not touch it and without radio, TV will not either.
I know its crap but I will have to leave that one for a while, but good stuff to come and this year is getting busy,so off to the gym yet again to get by butt in shape.
With so many things going round in my head I hope I can sleep tonight......



6 January 2006

Hi all!!
Having a really good week - had so many people make contact wanting to work with me (God, that makes me feel good!)
Just been on the forum it and it always makes me laugh when I see some of the things put on there,Topcat lyrics for example, just sat hear singing the tune (very funny.) Thanks Nisim for those and for being so supportive, you are really sweet! and Gizmo I liked Thundercats too .....
Wanda, dont worry babe, I am looking into doing some younger events when I am back - cannot let your girls down now can I?
Anyway, I am feeling that in 2006 there is gonna be great things happening in America and Sweden. The mix of Marstermind sounds FANTASTIC!!! Very dancey andI am really pleased.
Off to the gym again this afternoon, all those sweaty bodies is enought to make a girl go crazy, but of course I go there to keep fit!!
Take care people...Topcat XXX



2 January 2006

Hope everyone had a great NEW YEAR!!! I think the whole of OZ called me that day (meaning 1pm our time, 12 midnight oz time) - including my manager Anthony McCarthey who was with Anthony Callea (and his manager Wendy) at the time. He sweetly wished me a great new year. Then the phone was held in the air so I could hear Anthony sing the Prayer live at the celebrations in Sydney and being me, I did shed a tear..(or two).

Had a wonderful time myself with some bolly and a hunky man and fireworks across the water where I live. It felt good to be going into 2006. I am so excited about how great a year this is gonna be!!

Just got a remix off Mastermind and about to put it on full blast in the headphones (don't think the neighbours would want it blowing their ear drums). So Ta Ta for now - will post tommorrow and let you know how it sounds!!!

Big Kiss all..............Topcat(sorry thats my nickname)XXX



24 December 2005

Christmas Eve

Sitting hear on my own watching Scrooge on the telly with a glass of wine and just wanted to wish EVERYBODY a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and I hope 2006 brings you all the Happiness in the WORLD!!!
To everyone who visits this site and have done so much to help, I want to say thanks! Without your support, none of this would be happening for me. Next year is gonna be great, just you wait and see.....


20 December 2005

Just got in from an 8 hour round trip to record the vocal for this dance track. I think it sounds good but I will hold my judgement till I hear the final version. Had a nice package when I got in - some champagne and chocolates from my manager Sil and his lovely partner Fiona for Christmas. What a nice thing to come home to..and yes I have just opened the champagne!!!!



19 December 2005

Just got back from the gig in Scotland at "Madisons" this past weekend and it was great!! The crew were really sweet - it is always nice to be looked after. Being the little minx that I am, I grabbed one guy and undid his top button. Well.. he was making rude remarks so thought I would get my own back.

I am spending the day learning a new track. Not gonna say anymore, but yes it is a full on dance track and I like it alot!!

You know what I like this diary thing..



16 December 2005

Getting my little shorts and heels out for the gig tonight, I am flying out from Stansted. Quite looking forward to it, the Scots are always a good crowd to play to.



15 December 2005

Had a great time with Anthony Callea and Wendy. We went to The Royal Garden London for drinks, and I know this sounds silly, but it felt nice when the waiter came up and introduced himself and said to Anthony - "We have lots of celibrities like Tina through our doors. Nice to see you again Miss Cousins." I did allow myself a slight chuckle...


But honestly it was good to see him again. We had a great tour together and it is always weird because you are really a close team for 6 weeks and all of a sudden its all over you and it seems like you never see some of these people again... I cannot wait to get back to OZ and see the friends I made there. When I think about it, what a great life I have...



14 December 2005

Hi all!!

Having a nightmare day, I am hoping to do a little side dance project in Australia with a great tune, so I have been sorting that out.

Also had a call from Anthony Callea's manager Wendy and gonna hook up for drinks as they are in London this week! Should be fun!

The gig I had at the weekend in Spain was BRILLIANT!! They went mad. We are releasing a single there in the new year so we are setting up a small tour.

Off to the gym again!! My arse is still hurting from the spin class I did yesturday, so dont think I will be doing that much as I am not able to walk properly. Anyway - talk soon. Tina XXatch this space!